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Message from the President

I'm Chan-Ho Kim, the 27th president of the Korea Planning Association.

With the beginning of modernization in Korea, our society not only became the basis for realizing the important values of the times, but also became a window to predict the upcoming times. Land and cities have not only become the foundation for economic development but also become indispensable centers in everyday life.

The land and cities with so much interest and various values should be the basis for realizing our wishes for the future through consultation, not just with the opinions of the majority, but with the voices of the minority.

Efforts to achieve a balance between development through free competition and efficient allocation of resources have been made, and will continue. The debate over which value to put more weight on has also changed.

Change is always there for us. There is no need to emphasize change, and there is no need to be afraid. The Korean Land and Urban Planning Association, which has led the change in our society for the past 60 years, will protect the precious traditions and values accumulated and actively respond to changes through accumulated experience and knowledge and pass on the land and urban space for our children to live happily.

Thank you.